Website maintenance

May 18, 2019 PROWEB

Maintaining a website is necessary in order for the site to function and look decent and decent. It can be done on a regular basis or from time to time. While the site is updated, access to the site may be temporarily restricted by notifying users that the site will not be available for a specified period of time. If the minor changes do not have to stop the work of the site, and if it is necessary to do a lot of changes on the site it can take several hours or days, but also everything can be done on the test versions of the site, and then just copy it to the main site.
It's important to have a site that will be refreshed by the latest version of cms or programs that are in charge of your web site, and also have current information on the site and regularly refresh content, change text or images, add new Blog articles, because no one likes when he sees the same site not changed for some time, then the question arises as to whether the company exists or does business at all. It is important to do regular site updates, if there are Wordpress or other platforms, in order to have regular programs and regular protection against potential hacker attacks. Try to keep the user on the site and not to "push" it, try to regularly change content and keep up with all the current trends and trends. You can leave the site maintenance to us.

Chrome or Firefox?

May 10, 2019 PROWEB

Google Chrome
This browser uses over fifty percent of users. Chrome is the most popular search engine in the world for a reason. It's about Google software that takes security very seriously, and the results are very visible. The problem with him is that he comes from Google - a company that earns money by selling your data to marketing companies, while the good side is that Chrome is a stable and secure browser. This app will also notify you every time a page from your computer searches for something strange, such as starting a webcam or microphone, or detecting a location.
Mozilla Firefox
Why should anyone use Chrome next to Chrome? If you ask users of this once-popular browser, the short answer lies in the very nature of the company. Instead of giving your browsing history to advertising companies, Mozilla helps you save it. Firefox's manufacturers are known to be the big advocates of user privacy, which they do in the search engine itself. In particular, their version of the private surf is (in a positive sense) incomparable to that of Chrome. Private browsing in Firefox stops pages that want to host your private information. While other browsers remember the details of contacts and the use of cookie passwords, Firefox clears the same thing when you close the web page. Another thing that Firefox is better than Chrome is upgrading. While Chrome issues an upgrade every 15 days, Firefox runs every 28 days.

What to choose? Chrome is a browser that, although it collects your data and sells them to advertising companies, offers a number of highly useful security applications. If you're scared of your personal information, we suggest you choose Firefox. Mozilla's search engine may be slightly more vulnerable than Google, but if you're looking for private information, you can definitely not make a mistake.

Website optimization?

May 06, 2019 PROWEB

Website optimization can increase the ranking of your site on search engines or to optimize performance to make your site work fast. Learn how search engines rank sites and discover the keywords that attract new visitors to your site.

Inserting meta and title tags
By entering an HTML meta tag, content visible on the site does not change, but they only exist for search engines. Place the title tag at the top of each page to identify the overall content of that document. Write the exact meta description tags, because they are used by search engines to describe the site in search results. Add the keyword metric to each page.
Spend keywords
Identify keywords related to the content of your site. These can be interesting search terms that bring people to your site, and they can also be used when creating sites. The words refer to the entire theme of the website. If you're not sure which keywords are popular search terms, there are services that can help you evaluate the words most often searched for by search engines. Some of them can be KeywordSpy or WordTracker. Personally, I prefer to use Google AdWords:
Keyword Planner.

Use Alt tags to describe images
Alt tags in the images actually present to the search engines what's on the picture, because they can not otherwise detect what's on your pictures. Try to have precise descriptions in your pictures.
Refresh your content on the site
A good website is refreshed with new content over time, and this is an important factor that influences the return of the user again to the site. This, in turn, will lead to a higher rank on the browser list. When writing new content, keep in mind that each page should have at least 250 words.

These are just some factors that can affect the optimization of your site, but above all we need to know that this is a long, painstaking and slow process, so we can not expect the results at lightning speed. Any changes made to the pages will be visible on search results only after a certain amount of time. Therefore, optimization should be performed carefully, and the ventures do not run at once in a row, one at a time, in order to be able to monitor the effects of website optimization. In the end, we can add that the so-called "high-ranking" search is considered by some 30 sites, as many browsers do not search further than 3 pages, and the search engines per page display 10 results. When it comes to Serbia, for the majority of average keywords, the first page of the search results is a real goal. These are just some details to pay attention when the optimization of the site is in question and items that will help you rank better in Google Search.

Keep your visitors!

May 02, 2019 PROWEB

To make your site more visited and to contribute more to your company, you can take a few small things that will be paid to you in multiple ways. One of the most effective ways to do this is to actually keep an eye on the visitor of your site. Take a little time over the next few weeks to carry out your activities, and you can see how your Bounce Rate is going in the right direction.
Infuse at the time of loading the site
Most internet users can be very impatient when it comes to loading the site and they will in most cases leave the site before the site loads. We can remember ourselves how many times we left the site due to the time it takes for the site to load. The suggestion for speeding up is that website owners regularly cache their website, reduce the number of add-ons and java scripts on the site, from the site removed flash animation and affect the size of the images on the site when it comes to making the site and updating it.
Analyze your navigation
No one will remain on your site if it can not "move" with it. Your navigation should be clear, transparent and easily accessible. Think about where you want your visitors going, and do everything easy to find what they want. Do not overwhelm users with information The overwhelming choice can easily confuse visitors and jeopardize its retention. You should avoid bombing information, especially on the front page. Try not to make the visitors leave the site when they are familiar with its content.
Provide quality content
It is vital that users of the site have a clear message, attractive titles, and easy to read content from the site. The content needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the audience it tends to. By using attractive titles and providing quality and content-free errors, there is a good chance that your visitor will also visit other pages of your website. In the end there is only one thing that you can do to keep the visitor on the site, namely to show them what they want, how they want it and as quickly as possible.

Switching the site
to a new domain and hosting

January 22, 2019 PROWEB

If for some reason you need to change the domain and want to contain the existing site, it's not a problem, it can be done. There are several reasons for switching from one domain to another or changing the hosting. Perhaps the provider to whom you were registered has stopped working, you may not be satisfied with their service, or you have a need for a cheap but faster and more reliable hosting.
However, domain changes are somewhat rarely decided, and even not recommended, mostly because Google has already indexed your site as such and has already been placed in certain positions, and if you change a domain, you are moving everything from scratch to Google, u. In that case, it is mandatory to redirect the site from the old domain to the new one, since your old site will continue to appear in searches and to keep as many positions so long, until the new site indexes and does not play on a thick list with the competition. You can not do these jobs yourself, so you can contact us for help.

- For what it serves?

January 18, 2019 PROWEB

As the word newsletter itself says, this word is derived from the merging of two words, news and letter, which in translation means newspapers and letters, and as the word itself says, it serves to distribute and send some news or information to the audience that follows us and which is interested in our products or services. Of course, earlier this was mainly related to digital printing and to newspapers, and recently this word is related to email newsletters.
There are more sites where the popup itself pops up the pop up window to leave its email and subscribe to the newsletter, which certainly produces an effect, and many people will decide on this step before they themselves search for a part where they can Leave your email to subscribe. This creates the audience and makes a list that later serves for regular notifications and information. This is great if, say, follow a shoe store and clothing store and you can always keep up with current discounts or new items or follow a store that sells white goods, or maybe it is at a discount what you wanted, and you would not notice it yourself or go to the store. The newsletter should not be sent too often, people should not be bothered and bored, so you will come to check out the list by the user or unsubscribe, but 1-2 times a week would be ideal.
There are many services that provide newsletter services, and certainly the most popular mailchimp among them. If you opt for this type of service on your site, you can contact us for linking the service, as well as for the contents and the creation of a newsletter.

- How to choose them?

January 10, 2019 PROWEB

An integral part of every SEO optimization site is keyword. Before building a site, it is very important to compile the content and keywords for the site in order to create a complete picture of the activity you are dealing with and which you want to present to the Web. They need to be closely related to what the site is talking about, but not only that makes sense, but also because of the search itself, rankings on Google, and to make it easier for customers to find you and reach your presentation on the Internet.
Keywords can not be compiled or influenced by their keywords and where they will appear on the site. This must be done by an expert, who knows where to place titles, where to place the keyword on the site, how often they need to be repeated, remember in what context, whether to link or bold, etc.... This is called analysis of keywords...
Today there are a number of tools and facilities that can help us to get to the desired result more easily. Google itself has a tool where you can check your keyword's search at a certain level, how much is its monthly usage, how many people actually do that word on Google and needs a kind of service or information about it. You can check it here, on an app called Google Trends. If you use Google Ads campaigns, there is a newly developed game-based structure, since based on domains and site, I'll suggest keyword search terms, words that he thinks will give the best results and show the search at a monthly level for each keyword and its frequency. Later, during the duration of the campaign, we will follow every word and analyze the full interest of the audience for your paid campaigns, certain words will be singled out, and you will invest more money in them, while some words will be quitted that do not produce such good results or their price is too expensive.
Let us do most of the work, because we convert your ideas and ideas into reality.

Website design
- What You need to know?

January 05, 2019 PROWEB

When you choose to create a website or Web presentation, it is necessary to approach it very responsibly and to understand that it is the present and future of the business and that it will be the mirror of your company, your business, blog, whatever it is that works. It is necessary to give a detailed and thorough reference to the company that operates the site on the way of doing business, about your goals and achievements. Also, save a bunch of material, text and images, or if you are not in a position to do it yourself, guide them in the right way and they will certainly do it for you.
The site must be functional first of all, it must have a nice and attractive design, it must be simple and easy to use, and also rich and full of content. You must make it clear to you what you offer to the customer and what you want on the other, what kind of interaction with them. Do you need an online store if you are dealing with a sale, do you just want a classic presentation to present your business, maybe the visitors subscribe to your newsletter or some other activity? All this affects the look and functionality of the site.
Once a website is created, if you think the job is finished, the job just begins. This opens up various opportunities for further breakthroughs on Google, to rank as much as possible, to pronounce via various channels or social networks. It is necessary to be updated with information, if there are some changes, regularly maintain the site and check whether it is under control and in function. Change content, if it's an online store, add new products, update prices and descriptions, if the Blog, add and write new and interesting texts. Let your visitor stay as long as possible, and this is the most up to you and content on the site.

How to create a

December 30, 2018 PROWEB

Every beginning is difficult, nobody is born with knowledge, and many are not talented. But everything can be learned and mastered with a little effort, work, positive energy and good will. Below we will give you a couple of guidelines so that your Blog should be on which topics everything you can write. Here is a short list of topics, to put you in the mind:
Parents and children
Life experiences
Games and computers
Education and tutorials
Male-female relations
...i mnoge druge. The most important thing is to show interest in the topic you decide to explore more and transfer your knowledge and your impressions.
Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and that has close links to the topic you are writing about. The platform you recommend is Wordpress, it is great for beginners and with few tutorials and education, you will master the basics.
We hope that we have helped you a little with these guidelines, so who knows, maybe just after this text you get into a new adventure with Blog :-).

Photos for the site
- How should they look?

December 27, 2018 PROWEB

The most important factor in the eye of an observer on a site are photographs. We all like to watch a page to see the beautiful and professional images that follow the subject that the site is talking about.
Your photos should look professional, painted with a serious camera, and, if possible, engage a real photographer who will do the job for you. Make the most effort and get involved in making and selecting photos for the site, because it is extremely important for further development and the direction in which your site will move.
We will share with you and another chuck, and that is to name the pictures exclusively with the pictures that have links, because this is just one of the things that contributes to SEO optimization of your site.

How to choose who to build
- your WEBSITE?

December 21, 2018 PROWEB

There are several ways to choose a business, agency, or private person to create your first site. First of all, of course, you need to make sure who you are dealing with, whether you have heard about them before, check on the Internet, check how they are rated on Google or review comments on social networks.
As in every business, it is very important here if you know someone who is dealing with this business, or maybe some of your loved ones have nice experiences with creating a website, so we recommend someone, that is almost always a proven way. Take a look at their work history on the site, for whom they all worked and how many clients they have, that will surely give you certain security in their knowledge and quality.
And at the end of the price, important but not the most important factor, as the Internet is flooded with various prices for such types of services and everything is offered on a relation from - to.
Sense in the mind when it comes to this area, and we are here for you, you can trust and give us your trust.

Check the speed of your site
- with GOOGLE!

December 17, 2018 PROWEB

From Google, we can always expect something to surprise us with some new tools, applications, and enhancements. We did not expect anything less from him, now we can now check free of charge the speed of your site, the speed of page loading, and whether your site is fully customized to the mobile version. There are already quite a large number of sites with which you can check this, but Google still gives us the most confidence in the accuracy of your data, you agree.
Therefore, you do not need to be any expert in this area, just click HERE and enter the domain name in the field. You can also play, you can try another site, so let's compare the speed with your own.

10 interesting facts about

December 14, 2018 PROWEB

Instagram is a free mobile application that you can capture, add some interesting filters, and share that photo with other users. Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most dominant social networks. According to some surveys, 23% of American teenagers answer "What's your favorite social network?" With "Instagram".
1. Instagram was officially launched on April 6, 2010, as an iPhone application. Within a month, he has collected millions of fans.
2. The filter that earns most likes and comments is Mayfair.
3. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for about $ 1 billion. At the time of sale, Instagram counted only 13 employees.
4. 68% of Instagram users are women.
5. The Android version of the Instagram application was launched on April 3, 2013. Within 12 hours, the download is one million times.
6. In June 2013, Instagram introduced the option to upload short video clips. In just 24 hours, 5 million videos were uploaded.
7. Currently the most popular brands on Instagram are: National Geographic, Nike and 9GAG.
8. The most popular hashtags are #love and #selfie.
9. Instagram has more active users over mobile phones than Twitter.
10. 90% of Instagram users are people under the age of 35.

- Facts you did not know

December 10, 2018 PROWEB

1. Facebook was created in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg when he was only 19 years old. After the first month, all Schmekers from Harvard were registered, and after a few months and a large number of students from other faculties. After that, a hysteria started, so today almost everyone has their profile on this popular social network.
2. Facebook along with at least 50 largest Internet sites follow all your online activities. If you thought that sitting alone in the room and browsing the content over the Internet and nobody knows, you are wrong!
3. Mark Zuckerber is the youngest billionaire in the world. About 30 percent of Facebook's shares are in his possession, worth about $ 1.5 billion.
4. He refused to sell Facebook for nearly a billion dollars a few years ago. And he did not repent.
5. Facebook gave 1.6 percent to Microsoft for $ 240 million. This means that Microsoft has access to all information on Facebook.
6. Why is Facebook worth so much? Because it is full of private information about all active users. Facebook knows what you love, why you love it and where you buy it ...
7. How does Facebook know how to offer you a commercial that interests you? Because it has enough information about you and your preferences.
8. According to EU law, Facebook is completely illegal because it violates all possible human rights. But since it is located in America, it does not pose any problem.
9. Facebook has revolutionized the global business system, enabling the development of the most advanced direct marketing system in the world. By using it and you are part of the global cyber economy.
10. Facebook will, even if you delete a profile with partner sites, continue to monitor your online activities.

- Tricks and tips

December 09, 2018 PROWEB

Google Maps uses a large number of users and relies on this type of address, facility, location, and navigation service. However, in addition to finding addresses, Google Maps offers some more interesting things you might not know about.
Time Travel
The Street View option, which is one of the better add-ons to Google Maps on certain locations, allows you to "travel through time". When you look at some streets, in the upper left corner there will be an option to "scroll" the look of the street and see how it looked a few years back.
Create your own folders
When logging into this service, click on "My Places" located at the bottom of the page and then click on "create map". Here you can mark important locations yourself, make special routes, and highlight individual regions. You can share these folders with your friends or store them on Google Drive.
God's Mod
The line between Google Maps and Google Earth is getting smaller, so with the combination of these two services it is possible to "fly" around the world. Click on "Earth" in the lower left corner, get "Tilt the View" in the bottom right corner. Now just hold down the ctrl and you can "fly" all over the world using the mouse.
Measure any distance
By right clicking on the Internet version of the Map you will get a drop-down menu containing the option "Measure distance". Then just place the points in the locations among which you want to measure the distance.

- Interesting facts

December 06, 2018 PROWEB

- Over 500 million people use Google Translate, according to the Google Translate blog. Even his opponents must admit that this number is huge, especially if, as a comparison, the entire European Union has 508 million inhabitants. Ten years ago, when this tool first appeared, the number of users measured hundreds. This difference in numbers certainly indicates how popular it is among Internet users.
- Google Translate translates over 100 billion words every day. This almost unimaginable number of 11 digits is equal to the number of words found in 128,000 copies of the Bible. Imagine a bunch of books of that size and the number of words they contain. And that's the number of words that is translated every day using this tool.
- Google Translate today supports 103 languages. When it first appeared in 2006, there were only two of them - English and Arabic.
- In spite of the fact that Google is an American company, the interesting fact is that 92% of Google Translate users live outside the US borders, with the largest number of users living in Brazil. The Google Translate database is extremely large and with the help of it it is formed, and then the forms for translation of appropriate expressions are searched for during processing. It is updated almost daily, and the largest and most important sources are the Bible, as a book that has been translated into all the world's languages ​​at least once
- If you notice errors in translation, you can report them to Translate Translate. This, in fact, represents an invaluable service to the creators of this tool because it improves it in this way, but also prevents the occurrence of errors that can be very serious depending on the language and culture of a particular country.
- The most sought-after languages, when the English translation is Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian. If you do not have intensive business collaboration with these spoken areas, Google Translate can be of great use to you here.

- What's it for?

November 27, 2018 PROWEB

Google has long numbered 1 in the world. We use it every day to find answers to questions, products or services that we are interested in. Google My Business is a free and easy tool for companies and organizations that want to manage their online presence via Google. If you have your own business, Google My Business is a very useful tool that enhances online visibility and browsing. Your business profile on Google will appear to a large number of users, and can also locate you on Google Maps. Here you can find basic information about your company, working hours, see your location, images you upload, and a link that will direct it to your site. Also, customers can leave a rewiev and evaluate your business or leave a comment as a review.

- What is Wordpress?

November 23, 2018 PROWEB

Wordpress (WP) is the most popular CMS platform on the Internet for creating websites, blog content, online store ... At present, it is thought that more than 25% of sites are located on the Wordpress platform. It consists of a number of plugins and themes, among which the most popular theme on the Envato market is up to 300,000 purchases. Wordpress is among the favorite platforms for making the site because it's free, Open Source, flexible and easy to change, but of course, it's necessary to be careful. So, if you're not overly experienced, and you have the materials and content for Blog, feel free to embark on Wordpress clips, and if you stop somewhere, contact us.

- What is Magento?

November 14, 2018 PROWEB

Are you planning your first online store or already have an existing one, but are not you satisfied with it? Thinking of an eCommerce platform that will be able to meet all your current and future online business needs? If the answer is yes to some of these questions, then you will be interested in why the Magento platform should be considered. Magento is the most popular open-source platform for making advanced online stores across the entire online world, which means that almost every third online store is built on the Magento platform. Magento has two versions: a free, Magento Community version and a Magento Enterprise version that is paid. The Magento Community version can fully satisfy the needs of advanced online stores with tens of thousands of products.

iPhone or Samsung?
- Which phone is better?

November 09, 2018 PROWEB

An eternal question, do you buy an Android or an iPhone phone? Which phone has better performance and which phone is easier for everyday use? Testing the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + brand devices Samsung ranks the display and camera as better, but when it comes to performance, the device itself - the iPhone X is a convincing winner. The A11 chip iPhone X has won in every test between Android and iPhone. Samsung uses two separate chips in its Galaxy device (Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm). The Exynos 9810 chip proved to be better than Snapdragon 845, but in no case surpasses the Apple A11 bionic chip. When it comes to graphics performance, the iPhone X also came out as a winner compared to Samsung chips. The results of the tests can be read extensively on AnandTech's site, but it is clear that Samsung Android phones still can not bring up the performance of iPhone phones. Another area in which Samsung devices can not pair with iPhone devices is - face recognition. The Galaxy S9 and S9 + continue to use 2D parameters for face recognition and pupils, while Apple has 3D Face Scan technology. We hope that at least a bit of relief has been given to choosing a new mobile phone and making it easier for you to decide on an iPhone or a Samsung phone.

Free advertising
- How?

October 24, 2018 PROWEB

If your business is not online, then it does not exist. Many who have already spotted the importance of online presence and online visibility are investing huge money in web marketing. However, allocating money for internet marketing is not always possible solution, especially for smaller businesses and businesses. Use the following tricks to surf the Internet without investing money and drastically increase your clients' numbers and earn money. Optimize your site to be visible in search, Share commercials with other companies, Create a corner for reviews of your customers, Organize a contest and share gifts, Keep an informative blog, Report your locations in Google Maps. Whether you are practicing crafts, commerce, catering or any other business, if you do not have a presentation on the web as if you do not exist. Learn everything about marketing on the internet and make the profit of your business grow day by day.

Most paid jobs
- Is your job on the list too?

October 19, 2018 PROWEB

While in Serbia it is inconceivable that it is easy to get to work, in some industries there is a growing demand for experts. According to the results of the CareerCast Employment Research Survey, the future of the market definitely belongs to IT professions. Taking into account the salary level and the importance of a particular job for the company, they concluded which of the six most wanted jobs this year, and which, according to the trend of growth, will be among the most important and in the following years. Web developer
2. Computer Systems Analyst
3. Analyst with information security expertise
4. Software Engineer
5. Data Expert Expert
6. Network Administrator
How to get a job in one of these areas? When looking at these statistics, it is clear how much the information technology field is profitable for individuals looking for a real career. If you think your IT career is unavailable since you do not live abroad, you are wrong. IT knowledge and skills give you the ability to work for clients around the world, no matter where you are from.

Why you should have

October 15, 2018 PROWEB

Everyone, but everyone, should have a personal site, regardless of the job they are dealing with. Health workers, advertisers, sellers, marketing experts, IT experts, educators, economists, journalists, designers, lawyers ... It's not enough to build a picture of yourself only in the real world, but it's also important to build it in the other reality - virtual in the information age is often more crucial to success and higher earnings. That's why we give you 5 reasons why you should start thinking about starting a personal site today
1. You will quickly create greater credibility
2. Showing hidden talents
3. Promotion, not a word from mouth to mouth
4. You'll be different from the majority
5. Start from small things and create big.
We are here to help you!

Texts on the site
- How much help us?

October 11, 2018 PROWEB

Visitors scans sites - keep that in mind. How do you think how many people will read what you wrote? The answer is devastating - almost no one! Research has shown that only 16% of people read content from word to word. Most just scans. How to write to people who scan? This list will help you to make sure your text is good.
Does the title clearly makes it clear what this text is about?
Are the images that are on the page sent real messages? (And you need to think about this while writing the text, because the pictures are actually "amplifiers" of what you want to say)
Do subtitles summarize key points from the text?
Do you use lists to break large pieces of text. With a good title, images, titles and lists, the page is easier to scan, so visitors can find out much more quickly whether or not they find it interesting or not.

Instagram Ads
- Everything you need to know

October 07, 2018 PROWEB

Instagram appeared as an Internet sharing application, the idea was similar to Pinterest, for example... However, soon afterwards, Instagram was purchased by Facebook's Marc Zuckerberg and things started to grow at an abnormal speed. Instagram is getting more and more options, as it has now become equal, and probably has overtaken Facebook in many things. Accordingly, it's necessary to advertise on Instagram , currently the most popular social network. There are several types of advertising, through images, multiple images or videos, you can also choose whether to do sponsored posts on the news feed or story, target the population, location, interests. The same system as the Facebook campaign , you can even run campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager .

- Why do I need this?

October 04, 2018 PROWEB

Sitemap serves as a list of all pages on your site and explains in more detail what the content of those pages is. Advanced versions can serve as a list of all video files, all images or news from the entire site. Why is that important? The most important reason is search engines . Sitemap makes it easy for search engines to "visit" and list all of your site's pages. What kind of concrete benefit do we have from this? When you publish new content on the site, you want that content as soon as possible to "get through" the search engines and that content is immediately available to the wider population. Site map makes it easy for you, because the search engines almost instantly say there is another site on the site that you should visit.

What is

October 01, 2018 PROWEB

Permalink or a permanent link is a URL address that has a task to remain unchanged over a longer period of time. They basically have to look simple and easy to remember, and have to do with what's on it, especially because of the browser. Each webpage has this unique URL that users enter on the address bar of your browzer. The URL can appear in multiple forms, but in most cases it is composed of domain names and extensions (, .com, .net). Tip, carefully select your domains and URLs for easy reading and ranking in search engines.

- What are we doing with her?

September 23, 2018 PROWEB

Google Analytics is implemented on your website using the code we are inserting. From that moment on, Google starts collecting all the possible information that should be of interest to us on site visits . Who is our audience, from where they come from, through which channels, from which devices, which are years, half and tomorrow, we can list what else a powerful tool like Google Analytics can do. It's ideal when it connects to Google Ads, so we can track all paid ads (campaigns) that are active, change what is necessary, boost or reduce. Simply, this is something that can be unimaginably missed if you have your site .

Title and alternative texts
- What is that?

September 17, 2018 PROWEB

What Google can see in the photos are titles and alternative text , which are not visible from the user's page. If you write them in the right way, Google can read them, followed by a reward from Google, which is better ranking in search , since the addition of an alternative text is one of the The ranking factor is best for you to become an everyday practice. Additionally, images need to be optimized to be quality, but also to have as little as possible the size because of the higher download speed of the site.

- What's new about this?

September 12, 2018 PROWEB

After 18 years of existence, Google Adwords , the online advertising tool within the online search changed its name. From July 24, 2018, it became Google Ads . What does it mean for those who want to advertise on Google, but also for digital marketing professionals? Namely, Google has updated and simplified online advertising and creating various types of campaigns within channels such as online search, YouTube, maps, mobile apps and many more. So, companies can now reach more and more potential customers, customers and customers in a more comprehensive way. Thank you for this, we've been waiting for this update for a long time.

SSL Certificate
- What is this?

September 06, 2018 PROWEB

SSL Certificate is a piece of code on your web server that provides secure online communication. When web browser establishes contact with a secure site, the SSL certificate provides a crypted connection. SSL certificates also give credence as each contains identification data. When you submit a SSL Certificate Request, a third party (Symantec, Thawte or GeoTrust) verifies your organization's information and issues you with a unique certificate that contains this information. This has become necessary if you want users to access your site smoothly, and the most important thing is that Google gives priority to browsing sites that have an SSL Certificate .

Facebook advertising
and targeting audiences

September 02, 2018 PROWEB

When it comes to advertising on the most popular social network in the world Facebook , there are only words of praise and one big "just forwards"... Every euro invested in this form of advertising will bring you profits, new ones customers, new users, new members, and most importantly, new giggling figures are on the rise in your analytics. There are several conditions that must be fulfilled, which are, first of all, good advertising, attractive, high-quality images and meaningful text. Then, targeting clients, their interests, years, place of residence, gender, language, overall demography. Also, it is necessary to install Facebook Pixel code to your site in order to enable tracking and Analytics of your campaigns.

- What does it mean?

August 29, 2018 PROWEB

One of the most important roles on your site is SEO OPTIMIZATION, which contributes to making you the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ...) as quickly and as easily indexed in your search. This role plays a lot of factors, of which the most important are the key words, then the neatly made site in the code, the connection with social networks, the presence on the Internet, as many external links, etc.

Is it better

August 04, 2018 PROWEB

The standard MULTI PAGE site is certainly recommended for larger companies, for larger bidding on the site, or if it contains a large gallery of images, to make it more transparent to users. If it's a shop, MULTI PAGE is an inevitable way to create a site. You can have an unlimited number of pages on the site, but some standard knows and recommends a number of pages.


July 19, 2018 PROWEB

We now make our purchases on our mobile phone while we drive, from a computer from the office while we spend a break for lunch or through a tablet while we wait in line at the bank or post office. Internet sales is done through specialized sites called Internet Store or online shop . The benefits of this type of purchase are enormous, speed, product availability, payment by card or pouch, a wide range of goods.

What you have to do after

July 05, 2018 PROWEB

Once you have created the desired site, what's a step further? Visitors will not come just by themselves, so a logical question is raised - how best and best does I pronounce my site? It's time to deal with SITE PROMOTIONS, as this will increase visits, sales, new customers, and therefore better rank. It is necessary to add various "tags" to the site, track the site's analytics, in order to fully track campaigns and ongoing activities. We will talk about the ways of advertising in another topic.

- what does it mean?

Juny 23, 2018 PROWEB

Mobile phones are made to be used only for talking and sending SMS messages. They now take the primacy of computers in Internet browsing. Designers and developers came into power here and designed a concept called RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN. This means that your site is equally transparent and visible to users on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, phones of all resolutions ...).

How to choose

Juny 09, 2018 PROWEB

When you select COLORS FOR SITE, you can not only manage your own preferences. You have to take into consideration the site that you are presenting, match the logo and your company's protective colors, and of course look at how others are doing it and what is currently trendy and up-to-date. If you choose the right combination, which will be attractive to visitors to your site, you are very close to becoming your potential customers. Everyone likes to see a nicely arranged and harmonious site.

Why choose
ONE PAGE site?

May 21, 2018 PROWEB

Modern sites have brought many benefits to their users, including ONE PAGE sites, which allow the mouse to scroll through the entire site, without strolling through a multitude of pages on the site. This method of production is recommended if the site has fewer content.

What is CMS?
(Content Management System)

May 10, 2018 PROWEB

CMS (Content Management System) is a dynamic content management system. CMS is a software application that can be managed with content without knowledge of programming. The most common type of CMS is the web that serves content management on Internet presentations and Internet applications using HTML , Javascript and PHP for displaying content and MySQL A database server in which to remember content. Some of the most common CMS platforms are Wordpress , Joomla, Drupal...